About Us


Thank you for your interest in our vision as a local company to provide a new vision to our island’s fashion scene that is truly representative of Hawai’i. Nagasako Designs was founded in October of 2011 in Lahaina, Maui, with the mission to preserve and share the beauty that surrounds us and the memories that they hold. The company prides itself on being the island’s original and premier floral art studio.

As local as the flowers that we hand pick and preserve, are the memories in which we aim to capture. We are inspired to create pieces which can truly be made to take a piece of Hawai’i and share it with others around the world as well as close to home. We strive to introduce ourselves to any client that reaches out to our company and take all ideas, criticisms, and positive feedback and maintain a true local business relationship with you as a person.

The connection between Nagasako Designs and Maui are true and deep. Our beliefs, traditions and appreciation for our island are portrayed in every piece of handcrafted jewelry or accessory we design. Nagasako Designs believes that passing this gift to others will allow each one an opportunity to have something that is truly a piece of our island and culture. We aspire to spread aloha wherever we go, not just through the pieces but the lifestyle that goes with it and welcome all to the aloha tribe.

"Spreading aloha one petal at a time."